Beatitudes: 8 attitudes Jesus highlights to increase our experience of his blessing in our lives.

Key to happiness: 2 EMOTIONALLY HONEST

‘Blessed are the ones who mourn, because they will be comforted. ‘ Matthew 5:4 

This beatitude starts with us being honest about our emotions. All emotions are telling you information about what’s going on inside YOU. When you recognise that you feel sadness or grief, you are positioned to receive comfort from The Comforter.  Experiencing emotion WITH God actually helps you process THROUGH the emotion. Rather than denial and repression, feeling the pain and asking God for help, brings you to a place of being able to receive the amazing blessing of healing to our broken heart. This may not happen instantly, but over time you will experience peace and comfort in the place of those intense and often painful emotions.

It is also helpful if we allow others to express their pain and rather than shutting them down (patting them on the back ‘there, there, it is okay’) acknowledge the pain they are experiencing is legitimate and invite Father God to come and minister to them in this place.

  1. Can you identify a time when you experience God’s comfort in your life?
  2. What may being ‘blessed’ in this way look like for someone?

Application/response: (‘Look out’ – what is your response to these verses)

What is God highlighting to you from this verse?

Choose how you are to apply these verses this week.